At any point in your career you might feel you’re not using your skills properly or you’re not being challenged enough, feeling unfulfilled or simply feeling lost with no direction on how to take your career forward.


You might even be in one of these scenarios:

  • Facing redundancy
  • Retirement
  • At a mid-career crossroads
  • Being a mum returner
  • Considering self-employment
  • Considering starting your own business
  • Becoming a consultant
  • Staying in the same job but change to a different company
  • Changing to a completely different career
  • Moving to a different company or a new role
  • Staying where you are and growing and developing in your current job


We’ll help you learn more about yourself and what is important to you. This includes:

  • What skills do I have?
  • What do I want and need from my career?
  • What are my career drivers?
  • What are my options at work and in my career?
  • Defining and agreeing an Action Plan which covers sectors, functions, roles, location, salary and other key considerations.


After working with us, you’ll feel not just a profound relief but also a sense of increased confidence and real purpose in your work, career and life.


Our process:

  • Initial Conversation
  • We’ll send you one or two career questionnaires about your career situation
  • From 3-8 face to face Meetings or Skype Calls


We offer a free 1 hour initial meeting. To book yours now, please fill in the form below:

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It was a very good experience meeting a Gateway Career Management consultant and go through all the career process. I must say I needed some time to assimilate all the information, think about it and have it all clear in my mind. All sessions were very inspiring and it has enabled me to focus on a way forward, in this case, to make the right career change I wanted to do. I now feel more confident and positive about my choices and am far clearer about the direction I should take. I would therefore recommend you to anyone interested in exploring their career options.

Linda S- Marketing Manager


My Consultant successfully helped me to achieve an ambitious career change from Academic Research in Biology into Data Science in Industry. He worked out a detailed and personalised program for me. We worked through it for two months (six meetings). We started with assessment of my personal aspirations, strengths and aspects to develop. After re-writing my CV and exploring all ways to get to job interviews, including the so-important networking, I was invited for three interviews, which all went well thanks to his experience and the professional preparation he provided. No doubt, I made the right choice to work with him to achieve this career goal.”

Richard M– Data Scientist – moving from Public to Private sector


My Consultant’s clear, logical and professional approach to the challenge of career transition resulted in an unexpected, yet successful outcome. My expectations, fully met, were reviews of competencies, revision of CV, etc. The outcome, as a result of his professional approach to facilitating ‘think it through for yourself’ – together with deft personality profiling – was an entirely new and exciting direction, running my own business. Highly recommended.

David D – Specialist in Speaking in Public