If you are currently or will soon be about to start the process of job searching, this can be a challenging and daunting situation.

You might well feel uncertain about your next job and work options, not know what action you need to take, or even feel a little helpless on how to secure a job interview and then convert it to a job offer.


After working with us, you’ll both feel and see the following benefits:

  • Increased Focus: you know which options you have and you have a plan
  • Control: you will be In control of your career and be able to drive your job search
  • Enhanced Confidence: you will have the right action plan, clear marketing goals and the tools you need to move forward
  • Clarity and openness to explore new possibilities and avenues that you may not have previously thought about or even considered


At Gateway our career coaches are not only experts in career management, we are also specialists in job search.

We understand, in depth, the UK job market – both advertised and unadvertised – the latest trends and how it is changing and evolving We know how recruiters work and we help people engage with them on a daily basis, in every sector.


We’ll work together in things such as:

  • how to play the advertised job market: recruitment agencies, job boards and job advertisements
  • how to manage the unadvertised job market: making direct approaches to companies without a CV
  • how to use Linkedin as an integral part of your job search
  • proactive networking: building and marketing to you your personal and business network
  • job interview Coaching / CV Writing / Linkedin Profile Review
  • building confidence
  • how to write a compelling CV
  • how to write a cover letter
  • how to manage a job interview
  • how to convert a job interview into a job offer


Together we’ll also consider other options including:

  • Setting up your own business
  • Moving to Self-employment
  • Becoming a consultant or an interim
  • Starting and managing a portfolio career
  • Agreeing a programme of development to enhance your future work


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For me, your Consultant has been the right doctor with the right medicine!
Following a career break, I received speculative approaches from several companies offering to help me find my next job. But I stayed clear, because I was put off by the pushy sales tactics and the lack of transparency on the services and the costs. He was completely different: there was no hard sell; he was totally open and honest about what he could (and could not) do for me; he offered me a wide ‘menu’ of different services and options, at an affordable cost. Having listened to me, he proposed a flexible programme customised to my specific needs. He has provided me with a new start to my job search and renewed motivation; he has also introduced me to new channels and techniques that I would never have found on my own. I have been impressed with his ability to quickly establish a good connection with me and to provide me support in a way that makes me feel I am no longer on my own!
Of course I have no hesitation in recommending him to you, and the best way I can do this is to tell you that I am serious about my career and I will be using his services again in the future.

John T– IT Leader, Programme & Project Manager


I was approached by Nick about using his services and support in my job search which at that point was proving difficult. At first I was a little dubious but had the initial meeting and was quickly impressed with his calm approach and the extensive knowledge he had of the job market and its pitfalls. It highlighted to me just how much the job market had changed since I had last looked for a new role and the fact that I didn’t have the full picture and therefore was likely to fail in my search. Through the various sessions I had with Nick my ability to deal with my job search improved as did my confidence as he gave me the tools to expand the scope of the search. I would strongly recommend that anyone seeking a new role speak to Nick and listen carefully to what he has to say. The advice and help he has given me will prove invaluable.

Mike Pounder (Human Resource Director) Holmfirth


Dear Fellow sufferers!
If you are reading this then more than likely you are in the same position I was before Nick called me out of the blue.
Funnily enough I was contacted by Nick on the way to my first “Interview” I had managed to gain in nearly four months of trying.
I am sceptical by nature so when Nick called me I was in a “Cut to the chase” frame of mind. Rather than fudge an answer Nick came straight back with the honesty that I later became familiar with.
Having spent the hour I was willing to give Nick he had touched several nerves.

  • I was sending what I thought was a strong CV into cyberspace chasing advert after advert (they are still flying around somewhere no doubt!!!)
  • I was getting increasingly more down beat every time I got my automatically generated “Thanks but no thanks” replies
  • I was beginning to doubt that anybody was even reading my emails
  • I was starting to believe that my CV must be in the wrong format as the last 15 CV writers had told me
  • I was starting to question if there was a job in the first place!

Having done all four sessions I can honestly say that the way in which I was playing the modern employment game was just not going to worklike
The interview was a complete waste of time and money. I should never have been there and the only positive that came out of the day was a determination to hear Nick’s ideas and start and re-address the balance.
I try to stay positive in what can be a soul destroying period in anyone’s life. Before you get to thinking you must be useless and what you have achieved in your life accounts to nothing take the time to go through the program with Nick. I will guarantee that you will come out the other side with a distinctly different mind-set and equipped with what you need to get your career back on track.
All the best with it.

Jonathan (a former Managing Director that needed to understand the ‘game’ he was now playing) Newark