If you’ve have been made redundant, at Gateway we offer bespoke services to support and help you manage your redundancy successfully.

We understand this might be a challenging situation and you may feel confused about what are your rights and what you need to do next.

At Gateway we are specialists in supporting people with managing redundancy situations and will help you navigate through all of the “6 stages of a redundancy” process.

If you have been made redundant you may often, understandably, have experienced a broad range of emotions including anger and bitterness.  We help you move forward quickly and confidently to manage all stages of the redundancy change cycle and progress confidently to the next phase of your work, career and life.

We like you to view any redundancy as an “opportunity” and a time for reflection as well as for action. Our input is personal and it is it tailored specifically for your situation and requirements. We always look to work in a way that best suits you.

At Gateway we offer one-to-one coaching, remote telephone / Skype support, or a combined approach. Our Support Centre also provides self-help materials and information sources.  Our bespoke services support and help you manage your redundancy situation successfully and with confidence.


First of all we’ll help you understand factors such as:

  • What transferable skills do you have
  • What do you want and need from your career now
  • What are your career drivers and strengths and what makes you tick as  a person
  • What are your preferred work options – for example employment or self-employment
  • What training and development do you need to do both in the short term and long term


After that we will support, coach and mentor you as you:

  • Define and drive forward a Career Action Plan and from it a Marketing Plan: sectors, functions, roles, location, salary, marketing method etc
  • Help you formalise your options. These could include employment, self-employment, consultancy, interim, setting up a business, developing a portfolio career, undergoing further training or preparing for retirement
  • Manage your search and activity in both the advertised and unadvertised job markets
  • Develop and use the right tools to support your marketing plan – CV, Linkedin profile and letters
  • Develop and rehearse your job interview technique
  • Move forward to the next phase of your career.


After working with us, you’ll feel not just a profound relief but also a sense of increased confidence and real purpose in your work, your career and your life.

Our process:

  • Initial Conversation (Face to face or Skype)
  • We’ll send you one or two career questionnaires about your career situation
  • From 3-8 face to face Meetings or Skype Calls


We offer a free 1 hour initial meeting. To book yours now, please fill in the form below:

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I am very pleased to provide a recommendation for your Consultant. Having undergone redundancy and my own “career change” recently I have found his professional, experienced and personable approach both valuable and (very important in what can be such an unsettling time), reassuring. As well as equipping me with the key tools for moving forward (including basic things like a new CV – my old one being about 20 years out of date!) he has given me the confidence and conviction to help me develop my new career path into private practice and setting up my own company. He is a real “people person” and has shared with me a lot of his own experience in starting a new company which I’ve really valued. Thanks. I hope we keep in touch!

– Landscape Design and Development Specialist


From the moment I met your Consultant, at the time of my redundancy with a charity I had worked for 17yrs, as their Estates Surveyor, I was immediately impressed by his deep understanding of what I was going through, yet the strength he gave me from the outset, in moving on and looking at the situation I was in as a positive challenge and career change was beyond measure. His professional approach at each stage of my CV preparation and development has enabled me to think of other professional careers, of which I’m actively pursuing one at the moment, to become an approved driving instructor, after 30 yrs as a Chartered Surveyor. He cares about his clients and I would like to take this opportunity of wishing him and the business every future success, since it is such people and organisations that are needed more than anything at this time, as we all tread uncharted economic territory. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending your Consultant and Gateway Career Management to anybody reading this testimonial and requiring such expert help.

– Estates Surveyor


My consultant is an extremely professional and motivational career guidance coach. Having been made redundant, I was very unsure of my next steps and what direction I wanted my career to go in. I knew what I didn’t want to do but didn’t really know how my skills and knowledge could get me into a role I did want to do. He was extremely good at making me think in depth and rationally about what my core skills were and how I could market myself to find roles that I would enjoy. He gave me a much clearer understanding of the types of roles I should look at and also, as importantly, the ones I should avoid. The mix of advice, structured profiling and support was invaluable I benefitted greatly from his thoughtful and advisory style and have discovered a lot about myself and my abilities through our sessions I have now landed a new role, that came from a completely speculative approach to a company I identified as one that I would like to work for and that I am really looking forward to starting. I am extremely grateful to him for his help in achieving this.

– Sales Director