We encourage you to work to a plan when preparing for an interview. We ensure that you have strong content and compelling backup evidence and examples to support your responses to questions. We coach you how to handle challenging questions and demonstrate initiative and enthusiasm which interviewers always look for. These include standard and difficult competency based questions. We help you identify and shape essential questions which you must ask and selected questions that allow you to demonstrate your key achievements. We work with you to improve how you look and come across. Effective use of body language is critical.

To help us prepare you will need to send in the following:

Your CV, cover letter, application and any other information submitted for the role
Details of the role – a copy of a job advertisement or a link to an on-line one
A summary of where you feel you most need to improve your performance
A list of the questions you find particularly challenging
Your thoughts on questions that you would like to ask
Your concerns (if you have any) around your application and credentials
A brief outline of why you want the job and why you think you are the right person

We offer a session either with or without video feedback.