The 7 Linkedin Tips You Need to Find Your Dream Job Today

Linkedin is the most well known social media network for business and provides amazing opportunities to connect with professionals around the globe. It is also a fertile territory for job search since recruiters and hiring managers are actively using Linkedin to search and find good quality candidates.

So if you’re thinking in changing your career or find a new job, Linkedin should definitely be at the top of your job search strategy.

Follow these 7 Linkedin tips and find your dream job today:

1. Have a complete profile

The more complete your Linkedin profile is, the more jobs Linkedin will be able to suggest for you that match exactly what you want.

So make sure it is complete and contains all relevant keywords associated with the job you’re looking for and your skills.

A complete profile also appeals to viewers such as recruiters and hiring managers since nowadays they do check candidate’s Linkedin profiles before they even invite them to an interview.

You don’t need to write your complete CV on Linkedin, but when someone looks at your profile they need to know who you are based on your tag line, summary box and specialities.

You can even write in the summary box that you’re actively looking for career opportunities at the moment.

2. Join Linkedin groups

There are hundreds of Linkedin groups in every sector, where you can interact and engage with recruiters, influencers and hiring managers.

Search the relevant groups in your sector and location and start to have an active participation in them, posting discussions and commenting on other’s discussions showing your knowledge and expertise. You never know who is looking and recruiting!

3. Search jobs

Employers post vacancies in the jobs section of Linkedin in the hope that they’ll find a savvy job seeker like you.

Select Jobs at the search tool at the top of your homepage and write the job title you’re looking for. In the Advanced section you can choose other items like location or company.

4. Follow companies you wish to work for

Many companies nowadays have a dedicated company page on Linkedin. It is a good idea to follow them if they’re companies you would like to work for.

This is an easy way to know what’s happening there, what content they’re sharing and know if they’re hiring. You can also check who works there and connect directly with recruiters and hiring managers on Linkedin, which takes us to the next tip.

5. Connect directly with recruiters and hiring managers

Connections are to Linkedin what friends are to Facebook and followers are to Twitter.

You can invite people to become a connection and be invited yourself, so don’t be shy and invite directly recruiters and hiring managers that can help you in your job search and help them find a good candidate like you.

A major advantage of being connected to someone is that you can message them for free instead of having to pay for an upgrade.

6. Share updates

Like other social media networks, you can share your own updates on Linkedin.

Use this to your advantage by keeping your connections up to date with your work such as blog posts from your blog. This lets employers see that you’re being active and creative in your job search and the same time as showing them your enthusiasm in landing the right job. It will help you at top of their minds too.

7. Ask for recommendations

The recommendations feature allows people who’ve worked together in the same company or work project to endorse one another.

Recommendations are powerful in the sense that a simple “Mr John is a very competent IT manager and a great asset to have on every team” can be enough to help an employer get a positive image of you.

Don’t just sit and wait for recommendations. Ask for them! Contact former colleagues and managers and actively ask them for a recommendation. Don’t forget to write them one too though!

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