5 Tips to Get Back to Work After Summer


The expectation of coming back to work feeling refreshed and creative after the summer vacations might very often be confronted with the reality of spending days going through a long list of emails or boring tasks that need to be done.

The first days or week of returning to work after summer time can be a bit of a crush on your career path if you expect everything to be perfect.

So how can you avoid that crush and maintain the refreshed and positive glow you bring from your vacations even with a pile of emails to read?

Here are 5 great tips:

  1. Plan your return

It might be a bit too late for it now, but this is a great tip that you might want to take on your next holiday break.

The best way to avoid that post-vacation crush is to plan ahead your return. This means not just being organised for your departure, but for the day you come back too.

A few things you might want to do to are to come back home at least one day before you return to work so you have plenty of time to buy groceries, unpack and have a quick look through your emails, so you feel you’re ready to return and nothing is being rushed.

  1. Take it easy on the first day

Very often the tendency is to make up for the time you were away by doing everything that needs to be done on the first day.

And this is also the best way to basically go crazy and feel frustrated.

Take it easy on the first day you return to work. Don’t try to do everything but simply do what is a priority.

Also, don’t book anything for this first day such as meetings (unless it is really mandatory), and tell people to not book you in either.

Take your time to get used to be at work again.

  1. Take advantage of the “out-of-office” message

Instead of taking off the “out-of-office” automatic email once you turn on your computer, let it stay on for that first day or at least for the morning.

This way you have more time for your catch-up period and to read and respond to past emails, not creating an expectation for new emails to be responded straight away and therefore taking off some of the pressure.

If your automatic email contains another person’s email to contact, let that person know you’re keeping the automatic response on that day.

  1. Go on coffee and lunch breaks

Taking a coffee or a lunch break with your co-workers is a wonderful way to take the pressure off of having everything done on the first day and a good way for you to feel back in the office.

It’s also a great opportunity to catch up with your peers and know what’s being going on at the office during your absence.

  1. Don’t book other things outside work

The least thing you’ll want is besides having the pressure of catching up on everything at work, is to have even more pressure on catching up on everything outside work too.

So this means that on the first day you return to work (or week) don’t book unnecessary things before or after working hours.

You might need to take care of your children or buying groceries, but don’t fill in your time with errands you can do the following day or week.

Instead, take your free time to just do some exercise or simply relaxing in a bath or reading a book. Anything that takes off the pressure and the stress is a good idea.

Over to You

We hope these tips help you get back to work in a positive and uplifting way. If you feel you need more help and advice please contact us us today on info@gatewaycareers.co.uk or call 0845 45 900 35.