CV Writing

We can help you review, refresh, revise and rewrite your CV.  This can be provided either on a stand-alone basis or incorporated into a full career advice programme.  We always look to understand fully the context in which you require your new CV. We help people from all walks of life, all backgrounds and all levels of seniority to produce professional and effective CVs.

Writing a professional CV is both not easy and can be very time consuming. The main aim of this hard work is to help you obtain an interview. Today your CV represents your personal brand. It must stand out from the competition, make a compelling impact on the reader and draw them quickly to all that you offer as if you were a product. The focus must be on selling your unique features and benefits.  As you search for a job your CV validates your existence. It is an essential marketing tool – very few positions are secured without one – which enhances face to face presentation. It will help you with networking, provoke interest and obtain interviews. It is used by interviewers as a comfort factor, and often to deselect as much as to hire.

Creating your CV is an important and essential exercise. The process will help you to capture clearly in your mind your transferable skills, achievements and experience, catalogued depending upon your particular target(s) of sector and job function. It will also allow you to speak with greater structure, clarity and persuasiveness at interview, all of which helps to influence the interviewer.

What is involved?

First we review your current CV together with any other information that you have about the reason for requiring the CV. Where possible you should give us examples of jobs that you are applying for and the types of organisations which appeal to you most.

Then we meet with you or have a telephone discussion to gain a full understanding of your needs and to ensure that we have all the facts and details to prepare an initial draft CV for you. We may also send you additional documentation to complete to help you do this. These include forms which tell us about your key achievements and skills. During our meeting we will challenge you, face to face, to ensure that you are talking about yourself and your achievements persuasively and convey this strongly on paper.

From here we will send you an initial draft CV to review and comment on.

Finally we work together to produce a final version of your CV (we may agree several versions) which meets your requirements, sells you strongly, is professional and well presented.

Your new CV will spell out how you can add real value to a potential employer and demonstrate clearly your skills and knowledge and your personal and management strengths. All of this you must be able to support at an interview.

As part of this CV writing service, and where you require it, we will also help you to create cover letters to meet your specific requirements.


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