Welcome to our full range of products which we have designed to help you at different stages of your career.

They cover important areas to consider as you review exactly what you have to take to the job market. They are also geared to give you the necessary tools and confidence to support your marketing activity.

To get started just click on the item and you will find a fuller description of what your investment gives you.

Once you have made your selection you will receive a short message informing you that a Gateway Career coach will contact you within 24 hours for an initial discussion. You will also receive the necessary documents to complete online.

Dependant upon your choice your investment may include some time in discussion with one of the coaches and this will either be a telephone conversation or a Skype call.

Should you need further information please contact us at info@www.gatewaycareers.co.uk

Our Product Range

3 sentence narrative skills


Many people have difficulty in writing compelling achievements and talking as part of a job search process. We will help you capture your main achievements and then prepare examples which you can use in your CV(s) and also have ready for telephone and face to face job interviews.

CV re-write, refresh, redesign, reviews


We offer a comprehensive CV writing service. This can be provided either on a stand alone basis or incorporated into a full career advice programme. Writing a CV is both difficult and very time consuming. The main aim of this hard work is to obtain interviews.

We take a look at your CV and redesign it to meet your job and career objectives. We comment on layout, style and content. We help you create a Personal Profile and write achievements which are compelling and have impact.

Disc profile review


We give you a link to complete the DISC profile online and then send you a report which will help you understand your profile. The report gives you valuable information including how your temperament how you like to work, how effective you are in a team, as a manager, as a consultant and in a sales capacity and how you like to be managed. Follow up time can review the implications of your temperament profile for jobs and careers.

(includes 30 minute follow up)

Interview and negotiation teqniques


We encourage you to work to a plan when preparing for an interview. We ensure that you have strong content and compelling backup evidence and examples to support your responses to questions. We coach you how to handle challenging questions and demonstrate initiative and enthusiasm which interviewers always look for. These include standard and difficult competency based questions. We help you identify and shape essential questions which you must ask and selected questions that allow you to demonstrate your key achievements. We work with you to improve how you look and come across. Effective use of body language is critical.

To help us prepare you will need to send in the following:

Your CV, cover letter, application and any other information submitted for the role
Details of the role – a copy of a job advertisement or a link to an on-line one
A summary of where you feel you most need to improve your performance
A list of the questions you find particularly challenging
Your thoughts on questions that you would like to ask
Your concerns (if you have any) around your application and credentials
A brief outline of why you want the job and why you think you are the right person

We offer a session either with or without video feedback.

Linkedin profile review


Many people have a Linkedin profile but have not developed it fully it or fail to use it effectively. We will help you review your Linkedin profile and give you practical tips for improving it so that you can make it an integral part of your Job Search and personal networking activity. We will give you advice on what to do and how to do it.

MBTI analysis and feedback


Our service looks at achieving “best fit” with your MBTI type. We help you review the implications of your MBTI Type both in your life outside work and in the working environment. We also give you an insight into how knowing and understanding your type will help you consider career options and grow your business relationships.

(30 Minutes)

Producing your image memory CV


Producing your image memory CV to maximise your contribution at interview.

Many people fail to make a strong impact at interview. We will help you create an Image Memory CV which allows you to maximise your contribution at interview. We give you a framework to develop this into a compelling document to leave with the interviewer, make you stand out and leave a lasting impression following the interview. Having this CV will give you an edge over other candidates and increase your chances of being asked back for a second interview.

Skills Assessment


We all have skills but few people realise what they are, how strong they may be, how often they are used and what having these skills means in terms of work and job options. We work with you to help you understand your main transferrable skills so that you can align them to specific work options.


Understanding the hidden job market


Too many people reply solely on the advertised job market when looking for jobs. Others know about other methods but are not proactive in marketing. Many have little or no knowledge of the unadvertised, hidden, job market. We will talk you through the hidden job market, tell you what it covers and give you advice on how to use it effectively as a key part of your job and career search to get ahead of the competition.