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Today getting a job is only the starting point. Increasingly, you will not have an induction period and, especially at a senior / executive level, you will be expected to make an immediate impact in the first three months. Organisations want people who are self-starters, are innovative and can add real value quickly without support. This is difficult for many people and far more challenging than it seems.

Consider your situation. You do not know anyone, you are learning about the organisation, its culture and its people and you are getting your feet under the table in the role. You may be building relationships with your staff and with key stakeholders both of whom have expectations about you. Moreover you don’t have a network of peers and colleagues to help you discover (and play) the politics. It is lonely and you can’t call on your former work colleagues or partner for help.

This is where Gateway can help. We may well have worked with you already and if so we will know you, what makes you tick, what your strengths are and how you prefer to work. We are also independent, impartial and confidential and can be both a coach and a mentor to you in this crucial period. Why not get in contact to discuss how we can help.


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