Interview Skills

We know from experience that Interview Skills Coaching can help everyone to succeed in job interviews. We attach high importance to making the interview a success and we helped many people prepare for interview, develop their interview skills and convert interviews to employment offers.

The job market today is fiercely competitive. Only those who perform well at interview are likely to be hired. You may not have a second opportunity to sell yourself. For this reason your interview preparation and performance must be high class and it is essential that you make a strong and convincing impression.

A job interview is a two-way process. It allows the interviewer to sell both the organisation and the role to you. Crucially, it gives you the chance to shine, inspire and sell yourself strongly to the interviewer(s) and the organisation.

What is involved?

We provide a two hour, one-to-one, interview training and coaching session.

What does it cover?

We agree with you and prepare key questions that you need to answer and questions that you should ask, ideally based on an actual job that you have applied for or one that you are targeting. We cover a comprehensive list for all stages of the interview process. This includes interview types and formats and interviewer styles – every possible context and scenario that you might encounter at your interview.

We encourage you to work to a plan when preparing for an interview. We ensure that you have strong content and compelling backup evidence and examples to support your responses to questions.

We coach you to handle challenging questions and demonstrate initiative and enthusiasm which interviewers always look for. We cover standard and difficult competency based questions. We help you identify and shape essential questions which you must ask and which allow you to demonstrate your key achievements. We work with you to improve how you look and come across. Effective use of body language is critical. We utilise video feedback.

How do I prepare for the session?

We have a detailed checklist for you to use as a recap immediately following your job interview so that you quickly capture the areas for further work in order to improve your performance at any subsequent interview. To help us prepare you will need to send us the following:

  1. Your CV, cover letter, application and any other information submitted for the role
  2. Details of the role – a copy of a job advertisement or a link to an on-line one
  3. A summary of where you feel you most need to improve your performance
  4. A list of the questions you find particularly challenging
  5. Your thoughts on questions that you would like to ask
  6. Your concerns (if you have any) around your application and credentials
  7. A brief outline of why you want the job and why you think you are the right person


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