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CommuterHow do we support Individuals?

If you are looking for support with your career or have recently been made redundant you then you have come to the right place. Our Careers advice and transition services can and will inspire and help you to improve your working life. You can build and enjoy a rewarding occupation, both in employment and self-employment.
Gateway Career Management offer a range of career change services to support you as an individual.

What is the process and how do I get started?

First of all we have a brief conversation with you either by phone or Skype. From here we set up a meeting with you for an initial exploratory conversation which is without commitment or charge. We see this meeting as very important so that you are happy with Gateway, what we can offer and how we work.
To help us fully prepare for this meeting we ask you to email us your latest CV. We also have a short career questionnaire which we will send you to complete and return to us before the meeting.

Face to face or Skype meeting

At the meeting we discuss what you want to achieve now in your work and life and what this means for your job and career. We talk about your transferable skills, your career drivers, what you have achieved and what you main career needs and wants are. All of these areas will be covered in more detail if you take up a programme of support. It is an opportunity for you to ask questions and we like to explore your situation in detail and tell you about the UK job market. It is a two-way relationship and during it we will look at you as an individual and be up front if we feel we cannot help you.

After the meeting we send you a report with our recommendations. This includes our proposals about how we can help, based on our conversation, what the programme will look like and what it will cost. We will follow this up after a few days and ask you if you have decided how you would like to proceed.

What will it cost?

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Can I talk to a previous client?

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