Here you can find many testimonials that our happy clients have been giving us throughout the years in many different areas such as career change, career management, redundancy, job search, CV writing, starting their own business, and many other career and employment circumstances:


The last year has been a great “gap” to spend time with family, become healthy and generally recharge, and I feel very fortunate to have had this stress-free and highly positive period. I would like to thank you for your support along the way. I was probably not your easiest client to deal with, but for sure you helped me capture my experiences and skill sets in a concise manner and support me in clarifying my requirements in my next role. I have a 4-5 year plan for now, with possibilities for CEO position if I perform at the levels I know I am capable of.

– Chief Executive Officer

Logical and Professional Approach

My Consultant’s clear, logical and professional approach to the challenge of career transition resulted in an unexpected, yet successful outcome. My expectations, fully met, were reviews of competencies, revision of CV, etc. The outcome, as a result of his professional approach to facilitating ‘think it through for yourself’ – together with deft personality profiling – was an entirely new and exciting direction, running my own business. Highly recommended.

– Specialist in Speaking in Public

Successfully Helped Me to Achieve an Ambitious Career Change

My Consultant successfully helped me to achieve an ambitious career change from Academic Research in Biology into Data Science in Industry. He worked out a detailed and personalised program for me. We worked through it for two months (six meetings). We started with assessment of my personal aspirations, strengths and aspects to develop. After re-writing my CV and exploring all ways to get to job interviews, including the so-important networking, I was invited for three interviews, which all went well thanks to his experience and the professional preparation he provided. No doubt, I made the right choice to work with him to achieve this career goal.”

– Data Scientist – moving from Public to Private sector

Clear And Helpful Insight

My Consultant provides a very clear and helpful insight into how to effectively manage your career. I spent three very useful sessions with Peter, each one providing practical and realistic advice on how I can maximize my potential and push myself in the right direction. I would 100% recommend his services.”

– Health and Fitness Entrepreneur – Business Development and Sales Professional

Constant Support

Your Consultant has been a constant support in my career search for a couple of years on and off. I have the ultimate respect for his opinions and advice which is always substantiated with facts and experience. He is highly professional, extremely personable, honest, dedicated and very passionate about helping people reach their full potential. He goes over and above the agreed programme, I believe this is out of sheer determination to ‘get it right’. Not only have I already recommended his services to friends but I will continue to do so in the future.”

– Team Manager and Partnership Project Leader – Local Authority Children’s Services

Coach, Mentor and Outplacement Consultant

Following on from a change in my employment circumstances I was recommended your Consultant as a coach, mentor and suitable outplacement consultant to assist me in moving onward with my career. It was very good advice. He has been consistently positive, practical, thorough and extremely focus on making sure I explored all options open to me and very insightful and supportive in my subsequent pursuit of those options. We went forward together over past 3 months on an extremely broad front (which was his suggestion and didn’t phase him at all) – investigating everything from work as an independent freelance, building a portfolio career to working back with the big corporates ~ and he has directed and assisted me admirably in pursuit of these options. He has encouraged me through my black moods and periods of self-doubt and did wonders for my moral and motivation on the journey. I believe he is a good judge or character and competences and sympathetic and non judgemental to boot. Its been a pleasure working with him in building my new future and I will remain ever grateful. Highly recommended by me.

– HSEQ Consultant – Oil and Gas Sector

Flexible Programme

For me, your Consultant has been the right doctor with the right medicine!
Following a career break, I received speculative approaches from several companies offering to help me find my next job. But I stayed clear, because I was put off by the pushy sales tactics and the lack of transparency on the services and the costs. He was completely different: there was no hard sell; he was totally open and honest about what he could (and could not) do for me; he offered me a wide ‘menu’ of different services and options, at an affordable cost. Having listened to me, he proposed a flexible programme customised to my specific needs. He has provided me with a new start to my job search and renewed motivation; he has also introduced me to new channels and techniques that I would never have found on my own. I have been impressed with his ability to quickly establish a good connection with me and to provide me support in a way that makes me feel I am no longer on my own!
Of course I have no hesitation in recommending him to you, and the best way I can do this is to tell you that I am serious about my career and I will be using his services again in the future.

– IT Leader, Programme & Project Manager

Delivers Exceptional Career Coaching and Management

Your consultant has been my career mentor for more than 2 years now. He delivers exceptional career coaching and management and his 30+ years experience in HR and people development have helped me to both progress in my career and to grow as an individual. He has designed a career plan for me and together we work towards achieving my goals through monthly sessions. He has contributed to my career success in many ways. I thoroughly recommend him as an excellent career coach with very hands on approach to his clients and great personality and values making it so easy to achieve the set goals.

– Ship Inspection Co-ordinator

Supported Self-analysis

I would like to recommend the services of Gateway Career Management Limited and particularly your Consultant. The four focused sessions provided a programme of supported self analysis to establish a new personal approach to the current recruitment market and to facilitate the career change I am wishing to undertake. The programme has enabled a new set of relevant CVs to be prepared, the development of a more challenging skills matrix, and a directional focus to my search for a new career. I would add that I found the sessions that your Consultant facilitated were excellent and “homework of self assessment of true work values” an extremely positive exercise challenging self needs. Session venues were located to suit and were conducive to maximising the benefits of the whole process.

– Director, Public Sector Consultancy

Very Happy to Recommend

I met your Consultant shortly after relocating to England, as I was trying to decide what path my career should take here. With a successful career spanning decades in executive management, I was at a crossroads as to the direction I should take in terms of primary interests, experience and longer-term desires. Your Consultant quickly established the areas of concern in various directions and enabled me to crystallize my thinking as to the best route to take. He was then able to provide me with excellent advice on my “marketing programme” as well as to assist me with contacts of his own. I’m very happy to recommend your Consultant to anybody looking for clarity in their career direction, or assistance with developing their career further

– IT Director

Professional, Experienced and Personable

I am very pleased to provide a recommendation for your Consultant. Having undergone redundancy and my own “career change” recently I have found his professional, experienced and personable approach both valuable and (very important in what can be such an unsettling time), reassuring. As well as equipping me with the key tools for moving forward (including basic things like a new CV – my old one being about 20 years out of date!) he has given me the confidence and conviction to help me develop my new career path into private practice and setting up my own company. He is a real “people person” and has shared with me a lot of his own experience in starting a new company which I’ve really valued. Thanks. I hope we keep in touch!

– Landscape Design and Development Specialist

Expert Help

From the moment I met your Consultant, at the time of my redundancy with a charity I had worked for 17yrs, as their Estates Surveyor, I was immediately impressed by his deep understanding of what I was going through, yet the strength he gave me from the outset, in moving on and looking at the situation I was in as a positive challenge and career change was beyond measure. His professional approach at each stage of my CV preparation and development has enabled me to think of other professional careers, of which I’m actively pursuing one at the moment, to become an approved driving instructor, after 30 yrs as a Chartered Surveyor. He cares about his clients and I would like to take this opportunity of wishing him and the business every future success, since it is such people and organisations that are needed more than anything at this time, as we all tread uncharted economic territory. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending your Consultant and Gateway Career Management to anybody reading this testimonial and requiring such expert help.

– Estates Surveyor

Extremely Professional and Motivational Career Guidance Coach

My consultant is an extremely professional and motivational career guidance coach. Having been made redundant, I was very unsure of my next steps and what direction I wanted my career to go in. I knew what I didn’t want to do but didn’t really know how my skills and knowledge could get me into a role I did want to do. He was extremely good at making me think in depth and rationally about what my core skills were and how I could market myself to find roles that I would enjoy. He gave me a much clearer understanding of the types of roles I should look at and also, as importantly, the ones I should avoid. The mix of advice, structured profiling and support was invaluable I benefitted greatly from his thoughtful and advisory style and have discovered a lot about myself and my abilities through our sessions I have now landed a new role, that came from a completely speculative approach to a company I identified as one that I would like to work for and that I am really looking forward to starting. I am extremely grateful to him for his help in achieving this.

– Sales Director

More Confident And Positive

It was a very good experience meeting a Gateway Career Management consultant and go through all the career process. I must say I needed some time to assimilate all the information, think about it and have it all clear in my mind. All sessions were very inspiring and it has enabled me to focus on a way forward, in this case, to make the right career change I wanted to do. I now feel more confident and positive about my choices and am far clearer about the direction I should take. I would therefore recommend you to anyone interested in exploring their career options.

– Marketing Manager

Guidance Was Invaluable

I would just like you to know that my time with you has paid off and that I have job at last! My thanks are due to your consultant whose guidance was invaluable and who helped me through a very difficult time would you believe it! I get a better car and higher salary than before. The job came using the techniques shown me by him, sending speculative letters and making speculative phone calls from Companies listed in Kelly’s Directory.

– Sales Director

Count on Gateway for Assistance

Just a brief note to let you know that I have successfully obtained a new position with a five month contract which may or not be renewed in the new year. I would like to thank your consultant for their hard work and perseverance in my quest to find a new job. I know that you have spent many hours working on my behalf. Should I ever need help in the future to secure a new position I know that I can count on Gateway for assistance.

– Pensions / Life Manager

Clear, Focused Action Plan

The Gateway consultant’s first-rate skills, knowledge and experience provided me with everything I needed to assess my talents, get better perspective on the career options available to me and develop a clear, focused action plan. Courteous and conscientious, he had no trouble adapting his strengths to fit my specific requirements. It was a real pleasure to work with a true professional who is clearly motivated by a strong desire help others realise their potential.

– Magazine Editor

Expert Career Counselling and Coaching

My consultant was great at helping candidates take control of their own careers. He gave me expert career counselling and coaching which helped me identify the direction I wanted my career to take and how best to achieve it. He also helped me use relevant networking communities to extend my professional contacts. He was always sympathetic and positive when I felt depressed and anxious.

– Managing Editor and PR / Comms Specialist

Highly Experienced And Dedicated Professional

My consultant is a highly experienced and dedicated professional who provides a high-level service. His ability to quickly understand my needs and identify my talents was excellent. I would recommend you without hesitation to anyone in need

– HR Consultant

Great People Person

My consultant at Gateway Career Management is a great people person and an excellent listener. He is always friendly and well prepared. He can help you to view things from a different perspective and is one of the most cooperative persons I ever worked with.

– MBA Student

Amenable, Enthusiastic and Responsive

My consultant was amenable, enthusiastic and responsive. He knows all the right Organisations and has developed good contacts with them.

– Senior Manager – Construction Industry

Skilled And Motivated Expert

My consultant was a skilled and motivated expert with a wealth of knowledge in a number of business sectors. I would have no hesitation in working with him again.

– Training Manager PLC

Excellent Advice

I met your Consultant shortly after relocating to England, as I was trying to decide what path my career should take here. With a successful career spanning decades in executive management, I was at a crossroads as to the direction I should take in terms of primary interests, experience and longer-term desires. He quickly established the areas of concern in various directions and enabled me to crystallize my thinking as to the best route to take. He was then able to provide me with excellent advice on my “marketing programme” as well as to assist me with contacts of his own. I’m very happy to recommend him to anybody looking for clarity in their career direction, or assistance with developing their career further.

– Senior IT Director

Extremely Skillful Consultant

Redundancy is very daunting and you are wondering if the tools (CV’s, covering letters, etc) you have are current enough to make any inroads in the market. Luckily for me though, I have been assisted by your extremely skillful Consultant. Many people try to dictate to you and force you into situations you’re not really comfortable with. Refreshingly though your Consultant’s approach is to listen. He then helps you reach the goals you wish to aim for. He also shows you new techniques or just different ways of utilising job hunting tools. With his help and guidance, my CV is the best it has ever been and I am taking full advantage of the resources available to me. I think one of the greatest things your Consultant gives you, is the belief that the situation is not as bleak as you may have thought and a job is just round the corner. I would recommend your Consultant to anyone who is looking for that edge when looking for that next job opportunity.

– Marketing Executive, Charity

Highly Structured Approach

have hired your Consultant since May of this year and I found his highly structured approach in helping me find the right career to be spot on. After evaluating exactly what makes me tick and who I am in terms of strengths and transferable skills, we were able to devise a clean step by step marketing strategy that aims to tap into the ‘unadvertised’ job market. I would highly recommend your Consultant if you are at a crossroads in your career.

– Graduate

I Would Highly Recommend Your Consultant

Your Consultant provided invaluable support and guidance for me after my redundancy from my last company. He gave me advice and practical tips on setting up my own business, many from his own experience and insight into networking and his knowledge of the job market, as well as considering the pros and cons of Consultancy and Interim work or building a portfolio career. He helped me think about my main transferable skills and capture my achievements to give more impact to my CV. This helped focus my mind and decide on the best career and business strategy to take in both the short and long term. I would highly recommend your Consultant to anyone who is wanting to explore their career options and take the right decisions.” In addition, he is also a pleasure to work with, and is great at keeping you motivated

– Sales Director

Practical And Professional

Following my redundancy last year your Consultant worked with me to assess my situation and help me consider the options open to me. Throughout this process he was unflagging in his enthusiasm, support, and encouragement. His approach was excellent – he listened sensitively to me as well as challenged and motivated me to make progress. He helped at a practical level too by, for example, drafting of a new C.V. for me. Your Consultant’s professionalism backed up by his extensive knowledge, sources of information and a range of practical tools enabled me to explore options that I would never have thought of and ultimately helped me to decide on my new career path. Your Consultant has been both a mentor and critical friend and I have greatly valued his support. He was also fun to work with at a time that was fairly testing for me, which was a real bonus. I hope we can keep in touch!

– Director, Public Sector

My Privilege To Be Mentored by Nick

It has been my privilege to be mentored by Nick.
He has shown me new ways to present myself and to access both the advertised and unadvertised job market.
He has also taken me through the psychometric process to discover my personality and skill base. This has given me confidence to be more aggressive and assertive to reach my goals.
Nick provides a value service to his clients and I would be pleased to recommend his service to anyone who seeks to improve their career prospects

– Ian (Marketing Director), Sheffield

Positive Experience

Hi Nick
I hope you are well. I start my new role at the end of this month and I am really excited, the role could have been made for me and ticks lots of the boxes we spoke about in our meetings. I will let you know how I get on.
As promised I attach a recommendation and I would be very happy to speak to anyone in the future regarding my positive experience of the programme.
Kind regards

– Christine, Wakefield

Calm Approach And Extensive Knowledge

I was approached by Nick about using his services and support in my job search which at that point was proving difficult. At first I was a little dubious but had the initial meeting and was quickly impressed with his calm approach and the extensive knowledge he had of the job market and its pitfalls. It highlighted to me just how much the job market had changed since I had last looked for a new role and the fact that I didn’t have the full picture and therefore was likely to fail in my search. Through the various sessions I had with Nick my ability to deal with my job search improved as did my confidence as he gave me the tools to expand the scope of the search. I would strongly recommend that anyone seeking a new role speak to Nick and listen carefully to what he has to say. The advice and help he has given me will prove invaluable.

– Mike Pounder (Human Resource Director) Holmfirth

A Magician

I would be delighted to act as a reference point for people who are interested in this programme as you are a magician at what you do, and the world needs more of this right now.
All the best,

– Yvonne (CEO of an SME) Sheffield

Most Helpful

Thank you for today’s session, it was most helpful and has already renewed by vigour with regards to applying for the more senior roles.
I have attached the completed results sheet for the psychometric test as discussed.
See you soon and kind regards.

– David A. (Specialist aerospace engineer) Warrington

A Terrific Programme

Dear Deb.
I have been working with the guy copied into this email above, Nick Patrick, and recommended that he call you about providing a service to yourself and/or the staff facing changes over the next few months. He works with people facing redundancy or career changes and provides a terrific programme over around 4 weeks with great outcomes for clients in terms of new work opportunities and clear thinking.
I have recently completed this and it was really helpful and great value.

– Yvonne (CEO of an SME) Sheffield

Challenging And Thought Provoking

Nick Patrick recently took me through the career development programme that he delivers, I found it to be both challenging and thought provoking and it definitely helped me to clarify my ideas for the future. Highlights for me; the psychometric analysis was spot on, the graphic CV was a refreshing way to present my career path and I will never look at green cars in the same way. Thanks Nick, I’m now ready for whatever the future holds and more importantly, what I want to make of it.

– Sarah – (Business Mentor) Sheffield

The Modern Employment Game

Dear Fellow sufferers!
If you are reading this then more than likely you are in the same position I was before Nick called me out of the blue.
Funnily enough I was contacted by Nick on the way to my first “Interview” I had managed to gain in nearly four months of trying.
I am sceptical by nature so when Nick called me I was in a “Cut to the chase” frame of mind. Rather than fudge an answer Nick came straight back with the honesty that I later became familiar with.
Having spent the hour I was willing to give Nick he had touched several nerves.

  • I was sending what I thought was a strong CV into cyberspace chasing advert after advert (they are still flying around somewhere no doubt!!!)
  • I was getting increasingly more down beat every time I got my automatically generated “Thanks but no thanks” replies
  • I was beginning to doubt that anybody was even reading my emails
  • I was starting to believe that my CV must be in the wrong format as the last 15 CV writers had told me
  • I was starting to question if there was a job in the first place!

Having done all four sessions I can honestly say that the way in which I was playing the modern employment game was just not going to worklike
The interview was a complete waste of time and money. I should never have been there and the only positive that came out of the day was a determination to hear Nick’s ideas and start and re-address the balance.
I try to stay positive in what can be a soul destroying period in anyone’s life. Before you get to thinking you must be useless and what you have achieved in your life accounts to nothing take the time to go through the program with Nick. I will guarantee that you will come out the other side with a distinctly different mind-set and equipped with what you need to get your career back on track.
All the best with it.

– Jonathan (a former Managing Director that needed to understand the ‘game’ he was now playing) Newark

Corporate And SME Client Testimonials


Splendid And Thorough Job

We invited Gateway Career Management to assist a Director of the company who was being made redundant after some twenty years of loyal service.

Gateway were charged with constructing a CV and because of their total commitment to excellence, they carried out such a splendid and thorough job which resulted in Gateway re-kindling a previous passion within this Director thereby inspiring a renewed self belief and the motivation to embark on a completely new career which has given him a totally new lease of life which he finds rewarding and fulfilling.

Gateway excelled and delivered very much in excess of their promise. We have no hesitation in recommending Gateway to all of our clients.

– Managing Director Financial Services organisation

Effective Client Solutions

Your approach has always been totally professional, and your consultant at Gateway has a wealth of experience which he draws on both to provide effective client solutions and to bring ideas and creative approaches to the table. I have also introduced him to new clients, where he has developed strong relationships and generated high satisfaction levels.

– Director Tetragon Ltd

Extensive And Valuable Input

I was implementing an internal flexible benefits package when I worked closest with Peter Wilford. Although his primary focus was, of course, his clients, he provided me with extensive and valuable advice and input whenever requested. This continued throughout our time working together. As a courteous and professional team player, he’s one of the best.

– Change Programme Manager. Client Service Director, Noble Group

Very Highly Recommended

I worked with Peter Wilford at Trafalgar House and found him to be passionate about learning and development and able to carry people along with his enthusiasm and energy. He is an excellent communicator and motivator, and very persuasive in preparing and presenting the business case for investment. Very highly recommended.

– Associate Director, Trafalgar House Construction

Diligent And Professional Service

I’d happily recommend Peter. He provides a very diligent and professional service for us with the highest personal integrity at all times.

– Director Independent Recruitment Consultants