Our programmes are priced as follow:


Our Executive level programmes start from £1,430.00. A typical high end progamme for a Senior Executive will be £2,750.00.

Our Standard level packages start from £800.00 and are priced on a scale dependent upon the scope of the programme and time involved (usually an agreed number of sessions and hours).

Our fees for specific work outside our core programmes are:

60 minutes Job Search / Job Search Consultation meeting:                No charge

Full CV Rewrite and Cover letter (includes 2 hour meeting):               £235.00

Interview Coaching (includes 2 hour meeting):                                     £245.00

One hour Career Coaching session (agreed outputs):                         £90.00

Graduate / Early Career Mover Programme:                                         £435.50

International Student Starter Programme:                                            £350.00


Our fees for outplacement programmes vary according to each client’s specific requirements.

We always look to deliver a personalised programme for each employee who is leaving your organisation and reflect each specific situation and individual circumstances whilst working within your budget.

Full details are discussed at an initial meeting.

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