Returning to work after maternity leave or an extended career break can be daunting and overwhelming. There can be quite a few factors to consider and people often lose confidence after being out of the workplace for a period of time. We work with you to identify the best path of return for you and your family.

Here are some of the ways in which we can support you with your return to work:

Building confidence

  • My confidence is low, where do I start?
  • I feel out of touch, I’m not sure if I can do the role?
  • I have lost touch with my networks, how do I rebuild these?
  • How do I manage a successful family/work balance?

Considerations for returning to work

  • Do I want to return to the same or a different role?
  • Do I want to return to the same employer or consider moving, maybe somewhere closer to home?
  • Do I want a flexible work arrangement? How do I ask for this and put a sound business case together?

Changing direction in my career

  • Is it sensible to change direction or career at the moment?
  • What are my options?
  • How do I play to my strengths?
  • How do I get started?

Effective role search

  • Is there a job out there for me?
  • How do I find a job that offers flexibility?

Improving my CV

  • How do I refresh or rewrite my CV for a new job or career change?
  • How do I manage career gaps and extended periods of leave?
  • What to include and what to omit?
  • Having problems talking about my achievements?
  • How do I position my transferable skills?

Building a social media profile

  • How do I develop a successful Linked In profile?
  • How can social media help me?

Interview Coaching

  • I have not had an interview for several years, I need some support?
  • How do I prepare successfully for an interview?
  • I need some help practising for an interview?

Starting my own business

  • I’d like to start my own business but I don’t know how to get started?
  • Should I be a Sole Trader or Limited Company?
  • What are the considerations for starting a business today?

Becoming an Interim or a Consultant

  • What is the difference between an Interim and a Consultant?
  • Which am I best suited to?
  • Who can I talk to about finding work?

Developing a Portfolio Career

  • What is a Portfolio Career?
  • Am I suited to it?
  • What are the advantages of it?
  • How do I get started?

Retraining, Re-skilling and Qualifications

  • I want to develop more skills?
  • I want to develop a new skill?
  • How will retraining or taking qualifications help me in my next move?
  • Want a change of direction, where can I go?

Getting advice is a good first step and very often this will give you the confidence to move forward. We are flexible in our approach and happy to talk to clients face to face, via telephone or Skype.

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