At Gateway we offer several bespoke services for Graduates.

We are specialists in supporting graduates with their initial job search and ongoing career mentoring, development and career management.

This support starts from the moment you graduate until you secure your first job and often after that up to your first career crossroads and beyond.

In today’s fast paced workplace we are seeing a significant and increasing amount of pressure placed on graduates to make choices early in their careers and to obtain the right position as quickly as possible, often in the face of very considerable levels of competition.

This might be a trainee or entry level role, an internship, a formal graduate management programme with a blue chip or medium sized organisation or a position starting at the bottom with an SME or medium to large organisation.

Whatever your situation may be, both as a recent or past graduate, we’ll move you forward from a place of feeling confused and under peer pressure or lack of confidence to a place where you can be confident in having direction and purpose in your career.


We support:

  1. New graduates entering the job market for the first time

You have a degree in your hands, but what to do now?

We coach you in:

  • Finding out what you really want to do and where your skills are most suited
  • Writing a compelling and persuasive CV
  • Playing the job market and being proactive with networking and social media
  • Securing a job interview
  • Preparing for a job interview
  • Turning the job interview into a job offer


  1. “First bounce” graduates

After around 3/4 years in your first job you have now decided that the sector / function / role that you are in is not the right choice for you and you are not using your skills as much as you thought.

You have reached your first career change and now need a fresh challenge and new direction. But what are your options and where are you most suited?

We’ll go through all the options with you and help you identify your main transferable skills and talents and career wants and needs and guide you where to go next.


  1. International students seeking work in the UK

If you’re coming to the UK to have further education and / or to obtain a degree, and afterwards to obtain work, we can coach you in how to navigate the UK job market.

We’ll help you tailor your CV to the UK market, coach you in how to conduct your job search and prepare for a job interview.

We also offer a free service where we give you general feedback on your CV.


  1. Early career movers or those seeking a first job

We offer a 3 session programme  where we’ll help you develop a professional CV, decide on your career options, develop a marketing plan and practice your job interview technique skills.


We offer a free 1 hour initial meeting. To book yours now, please fill in the form below:

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I have hired your Consultant since May of this year and I found his highly structured approach in helping me find the right career to be spot on. After evaluating exactly what makes me tick and who I am in terms of strengths and transferable skills, we were able to devise a clean step by step marketing strategy that aims to tap into the ‘unadvertised’ job market. I would highly recommend your Consultant if you are at a crossroads in your career.

– Graduate


It has been my privilege to be mentored by Nick.
He has shown me new ways to present myself and to access both the advertised and unadvertised job market.
He has also taken me through the psychometric process to discover my personality and skill base. This has given me confidence to be more aggressive and assertive to reach my goals.
Nick provides a value service to his clients and I would be pleased to recommend his service to anyone who seeks to improve their career prospects

– Ian (Marketing Director), Sheffield


Hi Nick
I hope you are well. I start my new role at the end of this month and I am really excited, the role could have been made for me and ticks lots of the boxes we spoke about in our meetings. I will let you know how I get on.
As promised I attach a recommendation and I would be very happy to speak to anyone in the future regarding my positive experience of the programme.
Kind regards

– Christine, Wakefield