5 Reasons You Need a Career Personality Test


Work is where you spend a big chunk of your waking life, so wouldn’t you want it to make you happy?

Matching your personality with a suitable job is key for a successful career and a happy life.

It’s very important that you know who you are, your traits and characteristics, so you can pursue a career that will not only bring out the best in you, but will also make you feel happy and abundant.

Still, many people struggle to match their personality with a suitable role and this is where a career personality test done by an experienced career coach can help.


Here are the 5 reasons you need a personality test:


1. It will show you traits you haven’t considered before

Some tests like the MBTI test (which we apply here at Gateway Careers) will tell your personality type.

Based on that, you’re able to know how you act and react on a professional level and what type of careers would make you shine.

Some traits can be a big revelation to you as well when you read them on paper. We’ve seen a lot of a-ah moments happening.

Besides the MBTI, at Gateway Careers we also do the following tests:

  • Firo B
  • Thomas DISC
  • Morrisby
  • ABLE series
  • STRONG Interest Inventory
  • Ravens Progressive Matrices

We also have other specific exercises to help you discover what you have, uniquely, to take to the job market. These cover:

These tests cover:

Identifying and using your Transferable Skills.

Assessing you main Career Drivers.

Reviewing your Career Needs and Wants.


2. It will give you suggestions of possible career options

Some tests will also tell you some possible career options that you might not even had considered before.

Some of them you didn’t even know they existed!

Although they’re just options and suggestions, it might open your mind to a new world of opportunities.


3. It will make you think deeper about your career and life goals

When you know a lot more information about your personality traits, it can make you dig deeper in yourself than never before.

You’ll not only consider your qualifications, but will also consider your interests in looking for a career that fulfils you and your life.

If you do this together with a career counsellor that will coach you through the process, you might end up doing a major career change, land your dream job, or even start your own business!


4. It helps you decide the type of company you want to work for

Career personality tests give you such a self-awareness that you end up not only thinking deeply about a suitable role, but about a suitable company too.

You’ll want a company that matches your personality and your values or at least is more flexible and considerate towards diversity and will help bring out the best in you.


5. Boost your confidence

The results from career personality tests can make you very self-aware of your strengths and give you a real confidence boost.

It may be just what you needed to ask for that promotion. For example, it can confirm you really are a people’s person and apply for that leadership role you always wanted.

Or it can be just what you needed to be able to face a job interview for your dream role full of positive energy.


Final Words

Career personality tests are a great tool to have as part of a career counselling program and to get the best results you need an experienced career counsellor to guide you.

If you need career counseling about getting it right, contact us now on 0845 45 900 35 or email info@gatewaycareers.co.uk for a free, no obligation, one hour career consultation with a Gateway consultant.



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