5 Things that tell you’ve had a successful job interview


Most people come out of a job interview feeling one of two ways: like they completely nailed it or like they completely failed it.

But, there’s also a third way: when you feel clueless about it and you spend the next days over-thinking every single thing that happened at the interview, trying to understand if you were successful or not.

But things don’t need to be this way and in this article we’ll tell you 5 telltale signs to look for during and after the interview that can help you figure out if a second job interview or a job offer is coming.

  1. The interviewer seems very into you

This can mean things like:

  • The interviewer seems genuinely interested in what you’re saying and are enjoying their time with you
  • They show you around the office before you leave and even introduce you to people
  • The interview runs over the designated time (because the interviewer wants to know more about you)
  • The interviewer tries to “sell” you the company telling you the great benefits, perks and policies in working for them
  • They ask you to send references: they’re considering offering you the position
  • They continue to asking you questions or selling you the company as they take you to the door for goodbyes

These are a few indications that they feel very comfortable with you and are seriously considering you to the position, which takes us to the next points.

  1. You gave real examples of achievements

You didn’t just tell them that you have good communication skills and you are a team player.

You actually told them concrete, relevant examples from real experience that you have, with clear achievements. Real “every day on the job” facts.

These achievements not only show what you’ve been doing at your current or previous jobs but show what you can do for them too.

And these examples also fit all of the essential and most of the desirable requirements from the person specification.

So there’s no need to go over every single detail of your responses after the interview because you know you touched all the key points.

  1. The quality of your questions

An interview is a two-way street. At some point the interviewer will ask if you have any questions and you better come up with some good ones.

Having prepared good questions about the company, the job, the career progression, etc, shows that not only you’re interested but you’re in control of your career.

You need to leave the interview with all your questions asked and answered also leaving the interviewer with a feeling that you know what you’re doing.

  1. Show that you have a career plan

Through the interview it’s important to show the interviewer that you do have a clear career plan and are taking charge of your career and next job and not just knee jerking to the first job of interest that you see online.

That will set you apart from other candidates to the job.

You’ll feel afterwards that you clearly showed them that you would take that job opportunity seriously and invest in it 100%.

And that career plan includes sending a follow-up message after the interview.

  1. You hear from them very soon

Sometimes a recruitment process can take a long time and has nothing to do with the candidate.

There are lots of candidates to be interviewed, there’s priority work that comes up for hiring managers, there are holidays, etc.

But usually when you nailed an interview and they’re really interested they’ll stay in touch even if they don’t have a response just yet. Even if it’s just to ask for references, or a call from the recruiter saying the process will take a bit longer, etc.

The reason for this is they know the process will take longer but they don’t want to lose you because they’re seriously considering you for the job.

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