7 Tips on How to Use Social Media to Job Search

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Are you currently using Social Media to find your dream job?

Social Media is nowadays a key component of a successful job search in every industry and sector.

But it’s not just to search job opportunities and ads. It’s a major tool for networking and to be proactive in finding hidden opportunities.

At Gateway Careers we want our clients to be in total control of their careers and their job search, so here are 7 tips on how to use social media for job search:


  1. Have a professional online profile

Most companies nowadays use social media to research information about suitable candidates.

So this means that your online footprint needs to be “clean” and professional.

Make sure your profile on Linkedin is complete and reflects the kind of experience you have and the type of job you’re looking for.

But also make sure that your other profiles such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook reflect this too, since recruiters and hiring managers won’t just look on Linkedin.

If your profile on Facebook or Instagram has personal photos or information you don’t want others to see, go to settings and make it private or friends only.

Your online reputation is key when job searching.


  1. Follow the companies you want to work for


One great advice we can give you is to follow the company or companies you wish to work for on social media.

Not only you’re showing you’re truly interested in them, but you can receive updates and information about them that sometimes is not available on their website.

That can give you a big advantage when you go to a job interview and mention those things, you’re showing you’re proactive and really interested in working for them!

A lot of companies also advertise their job vacancies on social media, so it’s a great way to keep up-to-date.


  1. Contact hiring managers


Linkedin and Twitter are great places to find the hiring managers in a specific company.

And why not contact them directly?

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A polite message introducing yourself, what you’re looking for and what you can do for them can be all it needs to open the door for you.

Just don’t be spammy or send a lot of messages if they don’t respond back. People on social media in general are fairly open to receive contact messages and to respond back, but still you need to use it in moderation.


  1. Contact recruiters


Linkedin in specific is a great place to find in-house and agency recruiters.

Use the search function and look for recruiters in your industry and sector.

You can send them messages introducing yourself and asking if they’re currently recruiting in your sector. Even if they don’t have a vacancy suitable for you at the moment, you’re initiating a relationship that can be important for the future.


  1. Participate on forums, groups, discussions


Linkedin groups, Twitter chats, Quora questions & answers, online discussion forums, Facebook groups, you name it.

There are hundreds of online groups for each industry and topics where you can participate and network with other people in the same industry as you.

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Not only you’ll be up-to-date with the latest trends and hot topics in your sector, but you have the opportunity to meet people that can help you in your job search.

Maybe someone knows about a job vacancy, or you meet a hiring manager there. It’s called social media, so be social and open doors for yourself.


  1. Let people know you are looking!


Post updates on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc, telling people you’re actively looking for a new job!

A simple tweet like this one with the right keywords can be all you need to the right person to see:

“I’ve updated my resume and I’m looking for a job in materials engineering: http:www.myresume.com #engineering #jobsearch”.

You never know where the right opportunity will come from, so tell all your network about your search.

They may not know of any openings right now, but if they know you’re available, they’ll think of you when a position opens up.


  1. Follow career counseling experts


If you’ve found this article on social media, that means you’re already following this last piece of advice, and good for you!

There are great advice on social media about how to job search, so follow career experts on Twitter, and “like” their company pages on Linkedin. That way you’ll get tips for your search even when you’re not looking for them!

If you need help with your job search, Contact us now on 0845 45 900 35 or email info@gatewaycareers.co.uk for a free, no obligation, one hour career consultation with a Gateway consultant.

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