7 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

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Nowadays having a personal brand is key to be successful in your sector: if you’re building your own business, working as a freelancer, or on a full-time job.

A personal brand is basically how others see you. It is your own signature and what makes you different.

And that is important because it goes with you if you decide to change jobs or if you decide to start your own business. It is your reputation and how you’re seen in the market.

It should reflect who you truly are: your values and your choices in work and in life.

That’s why you should be in control and conscious about building your personal brand.

 Here are 7 ways to build your own personal brand:


  1. Define What Makes You Unique

No one else if you, and that is your power.

Write down everything that makes you who you are: what excites you, what brings you joy, and the words and values that you believe in and are true.

You want to bring out the real you – the one that will attract the right people and the right opportunities into your life.


  1. Write Down all Your Skills and Talents

Where do you thrive the most?

Do you love to write, to shoot videos, to give presentations, to solve problems?

What is exactly you love to do that brings out all your skills and talents?

That’s exactly what you should tell the world about.


  1. Create a Blog or a Personal Website

This is one of the great ways you can create your personal brand.

It is your own unique space on the web where you can create everything you want and based on the two first points described above.

You can show your expertise in your industry, show your portfolio, write a story about who you are and what is your mission, etc.

It’s a great way for people to find out more about you, if you’re for example applying for a new job or starting a new business.


  1. Be on Social Media

Social Media is another great way to build your personal brand.

Even if you don’t have a blog or a website, being on social media is a great way to show who you are.

Everything you share on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc, is telling people who you are, what you believe in and what your interests are.

So, be careful and specific about the content you share and the people you connect with. You want all that to reflect your true self.


  1. Show your Results

Did you help a client to save hundreds of pounds with a strategy you developed? Or did you have a great idea for a new product that increased sales?

Show your results to the world!

Don’t just say what you do or did in the past. Show what you’ve achieved with your work and your skills: in your resume, website, social media, etc.


  1. Be Selective Who You Spend Time With

 You really do become who you spend time with, both in your personal and professional life.

So, surround yourself with people that are aligned with your true self and bring positive things into your life.

If you’re spending your time with powerful people who are pursuing their dreams, chances are you’ll do the same.

These are also the people you’ll likely end up working with and forming partnerships, and by being around them, you’ll attract new similar people into your life.


  1. Be Consistent

People love to connect with people that are real.

Building a personal brand doesn’t mean you have to be perfect: it means you have to be consistent.

If you know who you are and live by your values every day, everything that is not aligned with that will not come into your life.

So, be consistent. The right people and the right opportunities will come to you.


Over to You

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