A Career in Small Business?

Small Business image courtesy of Michał Koralewski RGBStock.comConsider a small business career if you want to develop skills that will always be marketable.

The more you can wrap your head around the new conditions of both globalised and small business, the more prepared you will feel for the ultimate test of your business skills—entrepreneurship.

Three reasons to try a self-employed or small business career:

  1. You want to work for a small business instead of a large company. The UK economy relies on small businesses to provide essential and non-essential services to consumers and business. When you work for a small business, it’s often easier to observe the impact of your work.
  2. You want to manage innovation. For some professionals, being a manager is overly challenging, especially dealing with bureaucracy and control. Innovating within your own or a small business can be quick – very quick and very exciting.
  3. In this environment, you would find it hard to feel like a victim of boredom.

Advice from professional careers consultants must include exploring self-employment and small business employment options. Gateway Career Management believe you can build your own career in your way.

Find out how small business can provide big business challenges: Call 0845 45 900 35, book a free career consultation.

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