A CV for Career Change

Writing image courtesy of sanja gjenero, RGBStock.comWriting a CV can be tricky, especially to support a career change. Traditional advice doesn’t always work and it can be difficult to know what’s expected in a new industry.

The free Gateway Guide to CV writing will help, but here are 3 tips to help when you’re specifically writing a career history for career change:

  1. Remember your skills are transferable. Make sure you emphasis how your skills helped your achievements.
  2. Address  the big question ‘why are you changing career’ in your covering letter.
  3. Decide on the most appropriate type of CV for you (see the free Gateway Guide for details).

Gateway Careers consultants have experience helping people who change careers – whether that’s at 40, 20 or 60.

A change in career should be exciting. Avoid the frustration: a Gateway career consultant will help  you produce your best CV for career change. Make an enquiry today.

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