Career Transition?

If you are thinking about a career change you are likely to benefit from expert advice that our career coaches and job market specialists can provide here at Gateway Career Management.

Career Choice image courtesy of Adrian van Leen, RGBStock.comThis is a really important step and you will want as much guidance as possible to ensure that you are moving in the right direction – especially in the current uncertain economic climate.

We can help you look at your career from all angles; whether this represents a move within your current role, a change to another section of the same organisation, or a completely new start elsewhere.

There is much to consider, for instance, if you are joining a different employer, how much do you know about them? Have you done your research? Are your skills a good match for the work involved so that you will be happy in your new post?

If you are being promoted within your current organisation, does this match your career ambitions? Is it taking you in the direction you want?

For those of you moving to another role within the same organisation, have you considered the changes that this could bring, not only in your day to day work routine, but in your interactions with others? If you have enjoyed working with people, you may find that the new role involves sitting in an office on your own. For some, this might be their goal!

Here at Gateway Career Management, we can help you make careful and informed decisions about the big and little things that make up your working day.

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