Finding a New Job

Tailoring applications, CVs and interviews

Letter image courtesy of sanja gjenero, RGBStock.comAccording to South East Business magazine in February 2011, recruitment is a key issue for SMEs. South East Business spoke to two companies who say finding the right staff has become more difficult with more interviews being held before recruiting people.

What does this mean for job seekers? It means being able to adapt how you communicate your skills and experience so that you can show you can do the job being advertised. One of the many problems we often come across at Gateway Careers is those people who (with the best intentions) send out hundreds of job applications and speculative letters, but without tailoring each letter and CV to the position they’re applying for. In this job market, it’s especially important that job seekers know how to tailor their applications to show they meet the job specification. It’s equally important that candidates can confidently demonstrate how their existing skills and experience will allow them to achieve results for their new employers.

Gateway career coaching can help you to target your communications – a better CV a more focused speculative letter – as well improve your interview skills.

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