Finding that next elusive role – a long and winding road?


Thanks to Margaret Carman for this recent blog which has some key information to help you in your job search.

So we career coaches are agreed that the first step in your search for a new role is taking stock of your skills, interests, values and personality – not creating your CV!

If you don’t know what your ‘brand’ is then you can’t decide on the organisations to market it to and you don’t know what road you should be on.

A great starting point for this exercise is treating yourself to ‘What Color is your Parachute?’ by Richard Bolles, the Career Manager’s Bible and a cost effective start to the process.

Then you’ll likely value taking the opportunity to reflect, challenge and discuss your findings with an experienced Career Coach from among the reputable team here at Gateway. This takes you further along the route.

We’ll help you crystallize your thoughts about you and the market that you should be targeting, as well as guiding you through the marketing documentation that underpins this journey.

We guide you through the hidden job market where your resources are your network and help you to integrate your social networking skills, however limited, into your wider job search.

We inspire with interview preparation once that opportunity arises and practice those tough questions with you to help you gain confidence and sound authoritative. Then congratulate you when your efforts pay off and you arrive at your destination!

Along the way, there’s the ‘magic’…that elusive element where we encourage you to take trips off the main road to explore those opportunities that the Universe presents. The coincidences that becomes synchronistic.

An example for you…

One of my previous clients was seeking a Financial Director’s post. The morning of our meeting, I had two encounters with a well-know haulage company in terms of both a wagon and then one of their drivers. On arrival at our meeting point, my assistant pointed me in the direction of a new vacancy from one of our team of recruiters – yes, you’ve guessed it – a Financial Director’s position with the same haulage company! I encouraged my client to apply – and he got the job.

Being an Accountant who dealt in facts, he was wary of the additional reasons that I was keen for him to apply for the position but his delight at the success increased his understanding of the value of exploring alternative routes!

All in all – searching for that next elusive role is truly enhanced when you have a co-driver with you for the journey.

Call and talk to one of the Gateway team to chat about how we can help…”

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