Going for a Job Interview? Thoughts to help you succeed


Prepare Your Responses

Telephone interviews follow a similar pattern of questioning with the purpose of screening you out of consideration. Below is a list of questions most telephone interviewers ask. Write down and practice your responses.

– Tell Me About Yourself.
– What do you know about our company?
– How did you learn about this position?
– What is our current salary?
– What are your salary requirements?
– Why are you looking for a new position?
– What are your strengths?
– What are your weaknesses?
– Do you have any questions?

Questions You should ask

Questions are your primary tool of influence with an interviewer. Questions help you direct the conversation and assess if the company is right for you. Here are some questions to ask during a phone interview.

Opening Questions:

Questions you ask at the beginning of the telephone interview.

– What is your position with this company?
– How much time would you like to speak on the phone?
– What position are you considering me for?
– What are the key things you’d like to learn about my background?

More Questions:

Questions you could ask in the middle of the interview.
– What business imperatives are driving the need for this position?
– Describe the three top challenges that I’ll face in this job?
– What are the characteristics of people who are most successful in your company?
– What are the key deliverables and outcomes that this position must achieve?

Closing Questions:

Questions you ask at the end of the telephone interview.
– What additional information would you like me to provide?
– What concerns do you have at this point?
– When is the best time to follow up with you?

There are of course many other points to think about but this is a good initial list to go through in your preparation.

Good luck at your next interview. It is the most important moment in your search for a new job or a better position.

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