Graduates: The Best Tips on How to Choose the Right First Job

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Choosing the first job after graduating can be a decisive step in your future career. And a scary one, too.

Not only is the first time you’re been faced with your professional future, you might also be feeling the pressure of making the right choice.

At Gateway Careers we’ve been helping recent grads in making the right choice when choosing their first job, so we’re going to share our best 5 tips:


  1. Don’t settle

Choosing the right job can make you feel a lot of pressure in making everything right and quickly.

But letting this pressure take over is one of the worst things because it will lead you to make the wrong choices, like jumping at the first position you’re offered (even if being the wrong one for you) fearing you won’t have any other offers coming your way.

So take a step back and do your research. Is this position you were offered the right one for you? Is the company the right one? Does it match your career aspirations for the future?

Take your time and go at your own pace, your end goal is being at the right job, not just any job.


  1. Do your research

When searching for jobs and companies to work for, do your research about the variety of options out there.

You can use sites like Glassdoor, which can give you lots of valuable information about companies. You can use Linkedin to search companies and ask questions at current or former employees.

And you can also go on informational interviews to know more about what certain position types do entail.

Also, if you’re working with recruiters, they can be a valuable source of information too about companies, jobs and the industry you want to work in.


  1. Write a list

Write a list of things you’re willing to accept and want from your first job and a list of things you will not compromise.

For example, you might want to start your career in a large established corporation to learn certain things and get a certain type of experience, so working in a start-up or a small company is not something you truly want at this stage.

Stick to the things you want, especially if they’re related to your core values. But above all, use the list as a guideline.


  1. Ask questions at job interviews

A job interview is a two-way street.

Is not just for employer to see if you fit the job and the company but also for you to see if the job and the company fit you.

So, when at a job interview is important to ask the right questions.

Don’t get intimidated by this, especially if it is your first job interview. Actually, employers see it as you being someone proactive and interested.

Ask the interviewers what they love about working for the company (hiring managers love this question), what a typical day would be like, or what is expected on your first month.

Remember, the more you ask, the more you know that can help you make the right choice.


  1. Consult a career counselor


An experienced career counselor can guide you on various things related to finding the right job.

Things like understanding what are your skills, your personality, helping you in creating a great CV, knowing where to search for jobs, and get prepared for job interviews.

You’ll feel supported and secure that you’ll land the first right job.


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We can’t wait to start a new journey with you!

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