Interview Success When You Lack Relevant Experience

cv writingThere are ways to increase your chances of an interview, even if you lack actual experience with the industry you are applying to. Things like education and certifications can help a would-be employer see you in a more favorable light.

Highlight Your Training and Skills

Use the education portion of your CV to highlight the training you have undertaken to qualify for the position.  You may qualify for the position if you hold the right training and certifications, even if you lack prior experience.

Review your current CV and look at the experience you do have. Think of ways you can point out the relevance of that past experience on your CV. For instance if you are seeking a management position but have only front-line customer service experience you could point out that you worked closely with the management team to develop and streamline their processes.

Also look for skills outside of work that also apply to the position you’re applying for. For example, organizing sports team outings and fund-raising shows event organization skills.

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