Managers and Work Life Balance

Are managers who balance work and life priorities are more successful?
Work Life Balance image courtesy of darktaco, RGBStock.comContrary to popular opinion, it’s difficult for managers to separate their work and personal lives as they tend to overlap each other.  Nevertheless, managers need to view work/life balance as being in their interest since the demands of the job usually increase as careers develop.

Too often, many managers end up either taking work home or arrive extra early to finish their work.  Not only is this stressful, it can affect a manager’s performance, productivity, and personality.

For managers to be effective, it’s essential to have personal time off as well as spending time with family and friends.  However, while many companies agree with balancing work and life priorities, not many of them provide the essential training required to help managers achieve this objective. In short, managers who desire to be successful in the business world must be in charge of their own career development in order to keep pace with the many demands of a leadership role of responsibility.

If you’re a manager, taking control of  your career development can be the first step to a better work-life balance. Gateway Career Management offer a free initial consultation. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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