Recruitment Agency Interview Success

interview coachingAlthough recruitment agencies represent you, their clients are the prospective employers who pay fees to the agencies to find qualified workers. Recruitment agencies stake their reputations on the candidates that they provide to companies, meaning that top firms are selective about whom they choose to represent.

An interview with a recruitment agency is your opportunity to prove that you are a top candidate in your field. Keeping some simple tips in mind will help you have the best interview possible.

Review your CV

Even if your CV is up to date, read over it prior to your interview. Look for errors in spelling, grammar and formatting that could make you seem less professional to recruiters.

Dress Appropriately

The appointment with a recruiting agency is just like a job interview, so choose the same style of clothing you would for meeting with an employer. Steer clear of jeans, tank tops, flip-flops and other apparel and accessories that are inappropriate for business attire.

Interview Practice

Enlist the help of a friend or family member to prepare for your interview. Role-playing a mock interview allows you to formulate answers for common questions and feel more relaxed when meeting with recruiters. Better still, take advantage of Gateway’s unqiue interview offering.

Prepare yourself for Criticism

Some recruiters will evaluate your CV during your interview. Go into the meeting expecting some constructive feeback. Be receptive to suggestions and avoid becoming defensive or making excuses, even if you disagree with some of their opinions.

Gateway Career Management can help you to succeed with recruitment agencies. Contact us for more details.

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