What is a Sabbatical and How Can it Help Your Career


Many people have heard about people taking a Sabbatical, also known as an “adult gap year”, but many more people don’t know exactly what that entitles and what represents to their career.

In this article we’ll tell you exactly what you need to know so you can make an informed decision if taking a sabbatical is the best decision for you.


What is a Sabbatical?

A Sabbatical policy in a company is a formal system where employees can take an agreed amount of time off (without losing their job).

Salary and pension contributions, however, may be suspended for the duration of the sabbatical period. But, you have the security of knowing can return to your job knowing it will still be there for you.

The period of time for the duration of the Sabbatical depends on the company and it may only be allowed to a certain type of employees such as senior managers or permanent staff.

Some companies even offer paid Sabbatical policies, since they understand a valued employee may need time off to improve their health, learn new skills, and return renewed.


How can it help your career?

If you feel demotivated in your job or stuck in a root, considering doing a career change but unsure about it, the sabbatical can be the best option.

It will give you time off to rest, re-evaluate your life and your career and decide what to do next, if you want to return to your job and company or doing a complete career change.

Tracey Norman, 47, London, took a 6 months Sabbatical from her job in recruitment. She qualified for the Sabbatical because she has been working for the same company for over 10 years.

During her time off, she travelled the world, met different people and cultures and upon her return to England, she decided to take career counselling with us.

After helping Tracey re-evaluate her career, she understood that she loves her job and her company and what she really needs is to change her lifestyle, stop working long hours everyday and have more free time to travel and spend time with her loved ones.

Her job was still available upon the end of the Sabbatical period, so Tracey slid straight back in, ready to do the needed changes in her life.

John Richardson, 39, Manchester, took a 3 months Sabbatical from his job in insurance.

After doing career counselling with us, he realised that he was feeling a true soul calling to start doing work he is truly passionate about which for John was to work in social services.

His Sabbatical break allowed him the needed time to just sit down and listen to himself, away from the hustle of everyday working life.

So John returned to his job in insurance after finishing his Sabbatical period, but decided to take a degree in social services and start a part-time job in that sector, ready to take a full plunge when the time is right. He now feels his life has a new meaning and purpose.

These are two examples of how a Sabbatical can help your career.

It basically gives you needed time to do things you normally don’t do and will give you a whole new perspective of your life and career.


Over to You

If you’re considering taking a Sabbatical and are still unsure about it, or if you need career counseling during your Sabbatical, please contact us today on info@gatewaycareers.co.uk or call 0845 45 900 35.

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