What is a CV Achievement?

Achievement image courtesy of Steve Woods, RGBStock.com

We probably all know that our CVs should include our achievements, but this is a tricky area to master. Just how big an achievement do we need to have? What if we know we’ve done good work, but struggle to turn it into achievements? What if our achievements are confidential or can’t be discussed yet?

Achievement is about the difference you made and it’s about the change that was implemented. If nothing changed then maybe disaster was averted – that’s the difference you made. Describe the achievement in these terms and you’re on the way to an achievement rather than a description.

Include specifics – number matter. How much money was saved? How many people moved office in how many days? How many people did you manage and what did you all achieve?

The Gateway Guide to CV Writing gives examples of achievements – you can download the guide at no cost.

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