Why Try Self-Employment?

Self employment and business careers challenge people who want to combine many talents, from communicating with customers to pricing items for quick sales; from appreciating finance and strategy to mastering technology.

Here are three reasons to try self -employment as part of a career development strategy:
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  1. You can make a profit in business based on the strength of your own ideas.
  2. You want to change the consumer’s lifestyle. Many businesses focus on improving products and introducing new products to consumers. In self-employed and business careers, you can work at any stage in the process, from research and development to warranty servicing. Just think about all of the ways consumer products have changed your life in the last five years. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of change?
  3. You want to turn a profit. Remember, you don’t have to be a business owner to turn a profit. In many business careers, you will turn a profit for the owner or the company’s stakeholders. If your employer has a bonus program, you can reap additional rewards from bringing in more profits.

Self employment or a business career offers unlimited career mobility whether you build your own business or use the experience gained to help build another business later.

Excellent and professional careers advice must include exploring self employment and business options. Gateway Career Management acknowledges the importance of building your own career in your way.

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